Traceability and food transparency is a crucial part of who we are. We share with our community the importance of balanced nutrition, digestive health, sustainable farming, and that of how organic beans and pulses are great rotation crops. These superfood-strength legumes offer high amounts of protein and healthy servings of fiber but, without compromising on flavor.

  • Black Beans


  • Chickpeas

    Central Valley, California

  • Red Beans

    Washington & Idaho

  • White Navy Beans

    Minnesota & North Dakota

  • Pinto Beans

    Washington & North Dakota

  • Everything else...

    As locally as possible!

Big flavors start from small beans

When we set out to create BeanVIVO, we knew we wanted to create something bold.

We are proud to offer a selection of organic seasoned legumes in a variety of spectacularly unique flavors.  From traditional Latin and Indian ingredients to more modern herbs and spices, we’ve reimagined what bean-centric cooking can look like.

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