Are the BeanVIVO pouches recyclable/biodegradable?

The current pouches are not recyclable, unfortunately.
They have a nylon liner inside, which allows it to microwave, and therefore limits the ability to be recyclable.

However, our pouch manufacturer is already working on a biodegradable & recyclable pouch, which should be available in 2024, so the answer is soon!


Do BeanVIVO pre-seasoned recipes contain oils?

Two of our pouches do not contain any oil - Smoky BBQ Pinto Beans & Coconut Curry Chickpeas, all other flavors contain Organic Avocado Oil.


Why is the sodium content higher than some other packaged beans?

Our pouches contain all pre-seasoned recipes, so the sodium content you see is intended to be the final nutrition facts for consumption, whereas most other packaged beans don't come pre-seasoned and therefore by the time you manually add your own seasoning, it may end up being more than you anticipate.

We are coming out with a line of low-sodium products as well soon, so stay tuned!