Smoky BBQ Pinto Beans - 6 Pack

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Our Smoky BBQ Beans were crafted with spirit of creating a perfect side dish for your next BBQ.  Our recipe is unique in that we use only a handful of cleanest ingredients, without jeopardizing on a robust smoky Texas-style BBQ flavor.  The result is a delicious blend of Pinto Beans with tomatoes and spices, that blend perfectly well with other main dishes of your choice. 

Enjoy our Smoky BBQ Beans as a main dish --hearty bowl of beans— or as a side dish to barbecued chicken, ribs, steaks, and seafood. Also try spread in a tortilla for a deliciously smoky burrito. 

Why choose us?

organic and plant-based

BeanVIVO was founded with mission of developing tasty meals & snacks for people on-the-go, like you and me, by using simple organic ingredients that make you feel nourished and more alive.  We set on a journey to combine one of nature’s most nutritious ingredients on our planet (beans!) with other unique herbs and spices from around the world.  

The result has led us to something truly amazing…



Healthy, organic and delicious!

Lynda Hamilton
Los Angeles, CA

Great tasting healthy food choices

Frank Scaramella
Los Angeles, CA

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