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Organic Brown Sugar Baked Beans (6 pack)

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Introducing our newest flavor: Brown Sugar Baked Beans - the BeanVIVO spin on an American classic.
What do we mean by BeanVIVO spin? Like all of our other flavors, Brown Sugar Baked Beans is certified Organic, Gluten-Free and Plant-Based, plus, packed with protein - 16g per pouch!
We only use the best ingredients to create a side that will go perfectly with any dish you choose. This recipe has been perfected over time and is packed full of flavor, without cutting corners on clean and simple ingredients. The result? A delicious blend of white navy beans, tomatoes, and brown sugar mixed with classic baked bean spices.

Enjoy with...

Enjoy our Brown Sugar Baked Beans as perfect complement for backyard bbq'd chicken, ribs, steaks, and seafood. Also enjoy as a side dish to any entree of your choice.


Ingredients: Cooked white navy beans* (water, white navy beans*), crushed tomato*, brown sugar*, onion puree*, apple cider vinegar*, molasses*, tomato concentrate*, mustard seed*, sea salt, garlic*, smoked paprika*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, cayenne pepper*, black pepper*, coriander*, cumin*, bay leaf*


* Organic

  • Unique Flavors You Can't Resist

    Our Brown Sugar Baked Beans are made with all organic and flavor-packed ingredients, giving this recipe a unique blend of spices and seasonings.

  • Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

    Perfect for our friends with dietary restrictions or just those looking for a healthier alternative, our Brown Sugar Baked Beans are a great pantry staple.

  • No-mess snack

    No need for messy cleanup or lots of pots and pans. Our microwave-safe pouches mean you can heat a bag of our beans in less than 60-seconds. Enjoy on busy weeknights, in the office, or on the go!

Easy to Make High Protein Snacks

Our Brown Sugar Baked Beans take the classic flavors you know and love, but add a new and unique twist.

Our beans make it easy to enjoy high protein snacks on the go or at home. We use only the best ingredients and spices to give you a flavorful, protein-packed meal with each and every bite.

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