Why We Should All Be Eating Like Aztecs

Why We Should All Be Eating Like Aztecs

Why We Should All Be Eating Like Aztecs? We talk a big game about Aztecs and ancient superfoods here at VIVOTRIBE. And the explanation is simple. Early civilizations had it right when it came to their diet. Granted, they didn’t have Doritos and burgers to tempt them, but they are a great example of how whole ingredients and a plant based diet can truly sustain your body and keep you energized and healthy.

Aztec staples include many of our favorite whole ingredients: beans, heirloom corn, amaranth, chia seeds, and cacao.

These whole ingredients not only supported a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet but became a central part of their culture and traditions. Food was central to many ceremonies and offerings. There is evidence that suggests the Aztecs often held large feasts and banquets to honor guests and share stories of battle.

The Aztecs took pride in their military power and so consider their diet that of a warrior.

The Aztec diet is meant to keep you healthy, active, and energized. Warriors needed to ready for battle and fit to take long journeys. The health benefits of these ancient superfoods like beans, amaranth, and chia are all energy boosting complete with proteins, amino acids, and vitamins.

The Aztecs may not be around, but their culture and tradition continues in many ways. They’ve influenced other cultures and left behind a legacy of a healthy lifestyle. We may not be Aztecs, but many of us are warriors in our own lives, whether we are traveling to far off places or running from meetings to soccer practices.

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