Whole Ingredient Swaps for a Healthier 2018

Whole Ingredient Swaps for a Healthier 2018

Now is the time to treat your body like the temple it is and fill it with nourishing, wholesome ingredients. Many people may have made goals this January to eat better and focus on health and wellness. At VIVOTRIBE, we recognize that this isn’t always easy when you are busy and on-the-go, but keep in mind some of these whole ingredient swaps for a healthier 2018.

It might be okay to splurge every now and then, but if your mentality is focused on treating your body better, you might lose interest in those take-out menus in your kitchen drawer. Instead of thinking like you’re constantly on a diet or limiting yourself, think of your eating habits as part of a lifestyle.  Here are some healthier whole ingredients to get your eating habits in shape for 2018.

Swap meat for beans.

If you’re thinking of bringing back Meatless Monday or giving up meat altogether, beans make a great replacement. Beans and legumes provide you with a hearty serving of protein and keep you feeling full throughout the day whether you have them in a burrito, mixed into a salad or prepared in a soup or stew.

Swap rice for quinoa.

Quinoa is a healthy grain that makes a great alternative to rice which can be less nutrient rich if it has been through processing and bleaching. Quinoa is a great source of protein and fiber, even iron and magnesium for blood sugar control and detoxification.

Use amaranth flour for baking.

It’s no secret we love amaranth. We use it in our own products. But did you know amaranth can be ground up and used as a flour? Yes, and if you are gluten free, amaranth flour provides a healthy option for baked goods if you are gluten intolerant. Ideas? We’re thinking pancakes.

Swap dairy for alternative milks.

Now more than ever, milk alternatives are popping up on grocery store shelves across the country. Growing concerns around hormones and antibiotics makes cow’s milk less and less popular. Instead, try nut-based milks like almond or cashew. Many enjoy making their own milks at home with a food processor and cheese cloth. Feeling adventurous? Banana milk is totally a thing.

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