What’s So Great About Botanicals?

What’s So Great About Botanicals?

Botanicals can be a healthy addition to your diet. More than ever before, people around the world are using alternative types of botanical medicines and supplements including botanicals. For centuries, these flowers, roots, and seeds have helped with relieving pain, curing unwanted symptoms, and providing additional health benefits.


Botanical medicine refers to more than just herbs.

While some might call these herbal remedies, botanicals mean more than just herbs. Botanicals can be a variety of ingredients including roots, bark, and seeds. From ginseng to cranberry, national polls reveal that most Americans are using some type of botanical. They might use them for aiding an ailment or for everyday health benefits.

There are some common misconceptions around botanicals because there are so many ingredients that are sourced from plants. So, what makes botanicals different? 

Botanicals are usually pure and are made of the plant itself, rather than just a concentrate. Pure chamomile and lavender are botanicals because the actual dried plant parts are soaked to make tea. On the other hand, many plant-extracts contain added colors or chemicals, which make them less nutritious and do not make them true botanicals.

Botanicals are turning up more often in grocery stores and common shops and not just specialty health locations. 

  • Botanicals make great ingredients in skin and hair products because they contain antioxidants and rid the body of toxins.
  • Many botanicals, when consumed, help with stress relief and immunity.
  • Floral botanicals are becoming more and more common in the food and beverage industry, from tea to alcohol to chocolate.
  • Lavender has been a popular botanical across many cultures because of its calming effects.
Additionally, rose has several stress relief benefits.

Some food companies are using botanicals in chocolates, such as blueberry lavender chocolate, combining the delicious taste of chocolate with the soothing effects of botanicals.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing botanicals to add to your diet. Just remember to do your research around the benefits you are looking for as well as proper dosage. Botanicals are like earth’s natural medicine. They pose less of a risk and have fewer side effects compared to stronger medicines today.

So, don’t be afraid to add some botanicals to your daily routine and diet!

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