How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

If you have been trying to eat foods that are more organic in order to protect the environment. Once, you have a close look at your grocery shopping ticket, you will see that it is quite expensive, but you can start growing your own organic garden!

You can start with a small one, with a single part or two. Do not worry if things are not perfectly tight away. Organic gardening means you won’t use fertilizers or pesticides; nowadays, you have tons of tools that can help you create this new project.

This post will provide the basic steps for you to start your own organic garden.

Choose your ground

Give vegetables the sunniest place you have. Sunshine makes disease-resistant plants and sweeter flavored onions, carrots, tomatoes or chillies. Most ordinary garden soils are fine for vegetarian growing; if your soil is thin, build raised beds or crops in large pots.

Keep it clean

Keep your plot neat and tidy by clearing weeds and leaves rid of the places where molluscs hide. Don’t have long grass or dense flower borders next to your veg plot.

Making Good Compost

All gardens benefit from compost. Compost feeds plants, helps conserve water, and keeps food and yard waste out of landfills. A properly maintained compost pile shouldn’t smell. If it does, add more dry carbon material (leaves, straw or sawdust) and turn it more frequently.


The best time to water plants is in the morning. Morning tends to be cool with less wind, so the amount of water lost to evaporation is reduced. If you water in the evening, plants stay damp overnight, making them likely to be damaged by fungal and bacterial diseases. Try to use water at or near air temperature.

Protecting plants

If pests are assaulting your garden, so the first thing you should do is make sure plants are getting enough light, nutrients and moisture. Remember that a diverse garden helps prevent pests by limiting the amount of one ty of plant offered up to enemies.


The more you harvest, the more your plants will produce for you! If you use fresh herbs, pick them right before you need them. One of the most common mistakes new gardeners make is trying to do too much the first year.
Now that you have your first harvest, what could be more convenient than stepping into your backyard to grab a handful of fresh green beans and a yummy tomato from your organic garden?

You can snack your tomatoes with our Beanvivo Jalapeño + Avocado and have them all day long. Imagine having your own salad made out of own harvest every day. We highly recommend trying to have your own organic vegetables in order for you to continue a plant-based diet.

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