How Farmers Grow the Best Ingredients

How Farmers Grow the Best Ingredients

While we know that organic farming is important to growing healthy and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, unless we’re farmers, we don’t know very much about the process. It takes a lot of work to get to those beautiful farmer’s market spreads. What’s the secret? Well naturally, it starts with the soil. 

Soil: How Farmers Grow the Best Ingredients

So if pesticides and fertilizers are out of the question, how to farmers ensure quality produce? Well, a little digging (pun intended) shows that it’s both an art and science. Organic farming combines natural, green products like extracts and natural substances, farmer’s intuition, and a deep understanding of methods like crop rotation and diversification. All of this is painstakingly and tirelessly taken care of so that you can grab that basket of strawberries on your way home or have that farm to table meal featuring the freshest local vegetables.

Crop rotation is a strategy that organic farmers follow in order to ensure that they are considering the time of year and the space on their farms. They make sure they take full advantage of all the elements. Specific crops can help the organic matter and nutrients in the soil that might contribute to the next crop that might be grown in the following season.

If the soil isn’t cared for properly, it loses its nutritional value much like the ingredients do when they are over-processed and treated with non-organic substances and chemicals. Today, with more and more consumers demanding to know where exactly their food comes from. We understand the importance of having great relationships with our farmers. At VIVOTRIBE, we think globally and act locally–incorporating unique flavors with the best whole ingredients we can find.

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