The hot “new” grain: Amaranth!

The hot “new” grain: Amaranth!

We’ve all been through the quinoa fads and bought into the kale hype, but have you heard of amaranth? This “underrated” superfood is up and coming, and we are hopping on board. Particularly found in the indigenous cultures of Central America and Mexico, this grain is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Let’s learn more about all of the amazing health benefits that Amaranth provides.


The hot “new” grain: Amaranth.

One of the minerals that Amaranth contains is calcium. This mineral is crucial for bone development, especially for those who are active.

Strong bones will allow you to continue your fun and active lifestyle, well into old age. Amaranth is a grain with one of the highest concentration of fiber. We all know that fiber keeps things moving and allows for healthy digestion. Another benefit is that amaranth will help keep your vision healthy.

Amaranth contains Vitamin A, which is essential for eye health.

Trying to lose weight or looking to eat less?

Amaranth will help you stay full between meals and suppress your raging appetite (trust us, we’re always hungry too). Another great perk about its high protein concentration is that it helps meet your energy needs and keeps your metabolism functioning properly. Compared to many other grains, amaranth far exceeds the amount of protein, fiber, and minerals that they have.

Since amaranth has just started to become more popular in our culture today, recent studies have been done to learn more about its nutrients. With all of its antioxidants, amaranth has proven to be an excellent anti-inflammatory food to help alleviate common conditions that are caused by inflammation. Reducing this helps prevent the activity of radicals that can allow cancerous cells to be produced.

            Being gluten-free and craving grains can be such an insatiable travesty.

Fortunately, amaranth IS gluten-free, proving to be a great alternative for those who are gluten intolerant, suffering from Celiac’s disease, or just looking to wean off of gluten in general.

So, want to be the cool food hipster who introduces the latest superfood to your friends? Amaranth is not only a delicious option that enhances tons of recipes, but it provides an exuberant amount of health advantages.

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