The Future of Plant-Based Diets

The Future of Plant-Based Diets

Oh, remember the days when being a vegetarian seemed like just another weird fad that the hippies tokened? Today, however, people are advocating a plant-based diet, and there is strong evidence to support the health benefits. That’s not to say everyone is becoming vegetarians, but eating a diet heavy in plants is not only popular but yields a wholesome lifestyle. Here's what the future of plant based diets look like.


Eating a diet heavy in plants is not only popular but yields a wholesome lifestyle.

With more and more folks increasing their plant intake, studies are showing evidence supporting this lifestyle.

For starters, replacing red meat with protein-rich sources such as legumes or nuts will lower your risk for diabetes, stroke, and disease. Shifting your food intake to a heftier dose of plant-based options such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and beans while avoiding heavily processed meats and canned goods can do wonders for your over-all well being. That goes with saying that eating only fruits or vegetables will not be a pure lifesaver.

Your body needs a healthy variety of proteins, fats, and fibers that can be found in plants- you just have to know which ones.

Do a little homework when it comes to the food you eat. Know nutritional value. Read some labels. This doesn’t mean that you need to cut out meat or some of your favorite cravings entirely. These studies suggest a healthy shift in emphasizing plants. For example, practicing “Meatless Mondays” or replacing your meat in a dish with a protein-rich source such as nuts can provide amazing benefits. Being aware of the food you are putting into your body is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Plant-based diets stress the avoidance of dairy and processed foods, which can contribute to higher cholesterol and potential health risks.

Try to incorporate more legumes, vegetables, and fruits into your diet. They can provide you with more energy to take on the day. After all, your diet should nourish your body and not weigh you down with added chemicals or bad fats. We aren’t saying you can’t indulge in a nice steak every now and then, but rather just be mindful of what you are eating.

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