Super Bloom in Southern California

Super Bloom in Southern California

Southern California’s ‘super bloom’ is growing wild.

As if they weren’t beautiful enough, our picturesque coastal and desert landscapes have transformed into colorful sceneries resembling paintings in a rare phenomenon dubbed the ‘super bloom’.  Even the sides of the highways and formerly desolate, dusty ground spaces have been overgrown by a gorgeous spectrum of flowering plants.


What better way to celebrate #NationalWildFlowerWeek, the beginning of May, and the peak of springtime than enjoying the bursting wildflowers?


After suffering through several years of intense drought, recent heavy rains have allowed the local wildflowers to bloom in staggering numbers, so much that you can see the change in the ground color from space.

The ‘super bloom’ seems to be nature’s way of showing how stoked she is that we are no longer in a drought.  It also provides a great opportunity for some weekend exploration before the weather gets too hot. Tons of people have already taken themselves, their kids, and their pets to frolic in the fields posting some great Instagram pics to inspire the rest of us to go and play. Now is the perfect time to carve out a couple hours and get outside!

Where to go to see the Super Bloom in Southern California

If trekking through some fields of bright orange poppies sounds up your ally then look no further than Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore.

Another popular spot is Anza-Borrego Desert. Here you can see an expanse of tall-stemmed wildflowers ranging from every color under the sun.

Going along with the theme of flowers, though slightly less “wild” are the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields – 50 acres of extraordinary flowers, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The super bloom is the perfect reminder of the beautiful, cyclical nature of our local ecology. We must get outside and explore it while we can.

Also – the first week of May just happens to be National Wildflower Week too (as if you needed another excuse to go see pretty flowers). If you don’t have the time to go for a mini-adventure, you can probably pick up a bouquet from your local farmer’s market.

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