Protein-Rich Foods to Try If You’re Giving Up Meat

Protein-Rich Foods to Try If You’re Giving Up Meat

With the year coming to a close, it’s typically that time of year we resolve to make some changes in our lives, big or small. Maybe we are giving something up that we normally have as part of our everyday routine.

Let’s get 2018 started on the right foot. Usually, that means eating healthier, exercising, or trying the latest and greatest trend. Protein-Rich Foods.

While diet changes like keto and paleo can be extreme based on your normal eating habits, why not try to take baby steps. Eliminate one thing at a time and make it a little easier on yourself to stick to your goals. Many, for instance, opt to give up meat as an opportunity to improve their diet and overall health.

Here are some protein options to keep your diet balanced while you eliminate meat from the picture:

Amaranth. Amaranth is a great ingredient because it has so many uses and can be cooked and prepared in different ways to meet your diet needs. It’s a protein-rich food that can be used as a flour, puffed up like a cereal or added to granola for some filling snacks and treats. Protein-Rich Foods

Chia seeds. Keeping up with some of our favorite ingredients to cook with, chia seeds are protein-packed seeds that can be mixed into a number of things. You can also sprinkle them on foods as a topping for yogurts or even put in drinks and smoothies.


Lentils. Lentils are mostly known for showing up in soups and stews but can be prepared similarly to beans. They can create more hearty dishes for dinners or added to salads for the summertime.otein-Rich Foods

Beans. Beans are another favorite at VIVOTRIBE. They keep you full and can make a great replacement for meat whether you assemble yourself a veggie and bean burrito or made into a dip or spread for parties and gatherings.


Eggs. Depending on your stance – if you are going full vegan or just vegetarian, eggs can be a great source of protein. It is especially helpful for someone who might be just beginning to cut meat and animal products out of their diet. Eggs obviously make a great breakfast but can be fried and added to sandwiches for an extra protein boost later in the day.

Eggs are for more than just breakfast.

Peas. Though it may not be everyone’s favorite, peas are protein packed and can be served as a side or mixed with other dishes. If you want to get adventurous, there are plenty of ways to prepare and season peas. Even keeping frozen peas on hand can keep you from slipping off your goal.

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