What is organic farming?

What is organic farming?

Today, it seems like grocery stores are inundated with everything “organic”. We all know it’s good, but have you ever thought about why you should choose organic over the conventional fruits and vegetables? To start, organic farming represents the agricultural production systems that aren’t utilizing genetically modified seeds, fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides.

Organic Farming: What is it and why should we care?

Farmers who practice organic methods design their systems to produce crops with detailed records and notes. They are skilled at tracking all products from the field to the point they are sold so that the products are not contaminated at any point in the system.

Organic farming not only has benefits for you directly, but also for the environment.

A conventional farm typically grows the identical crop each year. This severely depletes the nutrients and minerals in the soil, directly affecting the crop. Organic farms, on the other hand, use diversified crop rotations which greatly improve the soil quality.

They also use organic fertilizer such as compost, which helps to build the soil’s organic matter. As a result, it improves soil water retention and helps the soil to obtain more active soil microbial communities. When the soil is healthier, the crops turn out to be more nutrient-rich and can withstand harsh conditions such as insect attacks or diseases.

At VIVOTRIBE, it is our passion to connect with our ingredients at its earliest stages and that means building relationships with our farmers and knowing exactly where our produce comes from.

With the absence of harmful pesticides in organic farming, the plants are able to boost their creation of phytochemicals. One of the reasons we eat fruits and veggies is for the phytochemicals, which are vitamins and antioxidants. Pesticides are also linked to a lot of health issues ranging from headaches to cancer, and even to birth defects. These toxins are not present in organic crops. With the absence of harmful pesticides in organic farming, the plants are able to boost their creation of phytochemicals.

Although organic tends to be a bit pricier compared to conventional farming, it is worth it – not only for the environment but also for your body and your family. Buying local and organic will help you avoid negative health issues and help support your local farmers and their businesses.

Organic shouldn’t just be the latest trend, it should be a choice you should incorporate into your lifestyle.

Additionally, organic, healthy options don’t have to mean that you have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your own meals and snacks.

This is why VIVOTRIBE exists. For us, this is everything. We hope that with the rise of brands who care about using whole ingredients from organic farms, we can provide people with convenient and nutritious snacks and products.

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