How Amaranth Influences Latin Culture

How Amaranth Influences Latin Culture

Latin Culture plays a significant part on Whole superfoods like amaranth, chia seeds, heirloom corn, and beans. These ingredients continue to be influences in many cultures today, in particularly Mexico. The history of these ingredients goes back thousands of years and it all begins in Mesoamerica. This was the region that included central Mexico and what would eventually become Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Latin Culture vs. Ingredients

Prior to Spanish colonization, this region was inhabited mainly by Aztecs and Mayans. Our favorite superfoods changed these civilizations in a really important way. It meant that eating more corn, beans, and amaranth made the Aztecs less of a hunting and gathering tribe and more like an agricultural society that we know today.

At BeanVIVO, we’re all about getting to know our roots when it comes to both culture to whole ingredients, no matter how far back that takes us. And this is why we find it so interesting that beans, corn, amaranth and chia seeds are all still part of the Mexican diet. Even tortillas are credited to the Aztecs. We are dedicated to knowing our food, our process, and history so that we can provide the highest quality products that keep you healthy and energized.

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