Who We Are: Our Story

Who We Are: Our Story

Hello. We are building a tribe of extraordinary people committed to searching the world for fresh, unique ideas and inspirations to simplify and enrich our lives.

There is something special about our tribe – we pay attention to the world around us, we listen. We are inspired by what inspires you, what challenges you, and what works for you. We write, find, and share real information, articles, and personal stories that motivate us to get outside, to find a new solution, or otherwise improve our lives. Our Vivo community is creating new possibilities to transform the way that we thrive in everyday life.

Community | Craft | Natural | Adventure | Sustainability

We support our shared future and take stand for our values. We believe in thinking globally and acting locally. We explore the planet (and the internet) searching for the best that the world has to offer. Through our travels, we’ve been inspired by hand-crafted, artisanal, community-minded products that aren’t mainstream in the US, yet – even here in cutting-edge California.


Why We’re Here

In today’s active, modern lifestyle, prioritizing healthy living can be a real challenge – not everyone has the time to meditate, do an hour of yoga and then whip up the latest raw-vegan-whole-[insert super food]-infused-with-whatever-of-the-moment before their morning commute.

That’s where #VivoTribe comes in. We gather great information in one spot and send our newsletter directly to your inbox making it easier for you, our #tribe, to find and share what works for your unique lifestyle. We are all just trying to thrive in today’s hectic world, our tribe wants to make that a little more fun.

We love sharing stories about what drives us and what we care for. At our center is people and we encourage our #tribe to gather, connect, and learn from each other. We focus, naturally, on the many things in life that bring us together and unite us as a community – great food, active lifestyles, adventures, sustainability, travel, culture, equality, health, wellness, and exploring every possibility that we have in this life.

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