Going Vegan: Easy As 1-2-3

Going Vegan: Easy As 1-2-3

Going vegan is as easy as 1-2-3!

Veganism means to leave out all the animal products in your diet and it is not an easy task. To have the willingness to change and a positive attitude will make it easier to achieve. People become vegetarian for different reasons: have a better impact on the environment while having considerable health benefits.

The goal isn’t to become a perfect vegetarian but to be consistent! We will share some tips and suggestions for you to start this vegan journey.

1. Be informed

You should know the reason why you are becoming a vegan: to improve your health, to help the planet, to become a better you, etc. Once you have decided, keep it as the forefront of your daily decision-making process to keep you motivated and on track.

Now, it is time for some research! Read as much as you can, check out some books and websites that can give you valuable information about this new lifestyle.

2. Give up eating one animal at the time

You can start whenever you feel more comfortable to make the transition easier. Give up whatever feels better for you, for example, start with cows and then move to chicken and other products, so on until you are no longer eating any animal product.

For most people, it is not a quick transition and the process can take a long time. Go with the flow and don’t be harsh on yourself.

3. Add more veggies and fruits to your daily diet

Start paying attention to what you are adding to your meals. Fill your plate with colors, greens and tons of fruits. Once you start adding more elements to your plate your path to veganism will be as smooth as can be.

Substitute meat with veggies strategically to regain the nutrition we get for meat, for example, Spinach is packed with iron when it is cooked; tofu and beans are a great source of protein and fat; avocado is great for obtaining good fat.

4. Try one new recipe per week

Our suggestion is to start researching recipes and to try one new vegan recipe per week. If you really like it, add it to your collection of favorite meals; you will have a good list of 7 great recipes that you can cook and enjoy.

Most people have 7 to 10 recipes that they cook on a daily basis, once you gather this amount of recipes you are good to go.

5. Plan ahead

When you are in this transition, the most difficult part is to find places that sell snacks or food that adequate to veganism. We recommend you to plan ahead; do you meal prep of the week and find snacks that are great for your fast-paced routine but also, add some extra nutrients to your diet.

I promise you will start feeling better, your skin will look healthier and hydrate, you will start losing weight.

So go on and have the vegan lifestyle a try, if you don’t like it, you can always go back? However, trust us; you will feel so much energy and vitality that you won’t go back.

Source: Plant Based News

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