Every Day is Earth Day: Tips for Sustainability

Every Day is Earth Day: Tips for Sustainability

Although we celebrated the national holiday of Earth Day last Saturday, and also locally in San Diego with the¬†Earth Fair, this does not mean that the ‚Äúcelebration‚ÄĚ should stop. Because really, every day is Earth Day and we can all take a moment to celebrate the magnificent planet that we live on. Here are some tips for how to prioritize sustainability this year.

It is easy to get busy and forget to keep our home green, sustainable, and avoid creating waste. There are numerous changes we can integrate into our daily routines, starting today.

We all live very busy lives and planting trees or installing solar panels can seem very invasive, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, there are so many little things we can work on, that in the end will have a huge benefit for not only ourselves but also the planet.

Mindfully Cleaning

Cleaning up is an essential part of our lives; most of us do it every day. Choosing cleaning products that contain chlorine or petroleum in them prove to be extremely harmful to our families and our earth, releasing several toxins. A simple switch to nontoxic cleaning supplies will have the earth thanking you. There are many natural options today that prove very effective in their de-greasing abilities.

Small Habit Changes Can Make a Large Impact

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We have all heard the phrase, so much that we forget how simply and frequently we should and can do it.¬† Donating clothes and reducing your own personal food waste are such easy steps. Packing your lunch with reusable containers instead of disposable bags is a simple, effective change as well. Go ahead and ‚Äúsplurge‚ÄĚ on the¬†strong reusable bags¬†at the market, saving you money by avoiding the bag tax, and making you feel good about protecting our planet from plastic overload. Plus, those bags are great for packing things in for beach days or weekend road trip storage.


Many of us crave bacon for breakfast, but every now and then, limiting meat proves to greatly reduce your carbon footprint by saving resources like fossil fuels and water. There are many meatless recipes out there, delicious ones of course, that you can try in your weekly meal planning.  The #MeatlessMonday trend has spread like wildfire. Your body will thank you as this elimination can also help reduce your chances of chronic preventable conditions like diabetes or cancer.

There are several websites offering easy tips and tricks to help the earth as well as yourself. Our earth is such a precious and vast entity that we must cherish while we are here. So please, go out and enjoy those amazing landscapes, mountains, and beaches!

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