Bringing People Together Through Food

Bringing People Together Through Food

For thousands of years, food has been one thing that has brought people together. It was true in the middle ages and it is still true today.

As far back as we can tell, groups have gotten together using food. Historic tribes used to have to work together as hunting and gathering was one of their major ways of getting food. They knew that they would be much more successful working together than competing for food.

Not only did tribes work together to get food, but they used it in many of their celebrations. Many ancient tribal rituals used food to honor loved ones who had passed or to make a tribute to gods and idols. At these celebrations, community and tribe members shared and celebrated as one.


Here's a closer look at how food plays a role in bringing people together.


Foods as Part of Celebration

Regardless of what part of the world you look at, you will find that good has been a major point of celebration and gathering. Families and communities would get together on holidays and high holy days. At these gatherings, food was the main focal point. Different tribe and community members would contribute different types of food and break bread together.

These celebrations continue today. All over the world, families and communities get together and share over food. We can look at any major holiday and the highlight of that holiday is sharing a meal with loved ones. People tell stories, share thoughts and dreams while enjoying the feast prepared by the group.


Benefits of an Ancestral Diet

Healthy food has always been a big part of ancestral eating. Ingredients and healthy preparation were integral to mental, physical and spiritual health. If we look at the foods used by tribes many years ago, they had much more benefits than the foods introduced by western cultures during colonization. Some of the benefits of an ancestral based diet are:

* Naturally nutrient-sense and dairy free

* Low glycemic

* No addictive preservatives like you have with processed foods

* Nourish the body, mind and spirit

* Single whole ingredient foods like fish or beans


Ancestral Foods are Kind to the Planet

Another benefit of ancestral foods is that they are kind to our planet and community. Since these foods aren’t heavily packaged, they don’t produce the waste found with pre-packaged foods. Also, since they are available right in the earth and soil, they don’t require a lot of travel. This keeps costs lower and doesn’t pollute the environment with heavy traffic and fumes.

These foods are also good for the mind and spirit. Knowing the foods came directly from the ground and water, you are sharing a part of the Earth. You are able to thank mother nature for your meal since you know exactly where your food came from.

An ancestral diet is rich in natural and healthy foods. You can cleanse your body and mind by eating these types of foods. At the same time, you will be treating your body to a natural, friendly diet that will enrich your mind, body and spirit.

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