8 Healthy Food Instagram Accounts to Follow

8 Healthy Food Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you’re anything like us, we love to see ‘food-spirations’ at any chance we get. There isn’t really a bad way to display delicious food, but these bloggers really know how to photograph healthy food. Here are our favorite 8 Instagram inspirations for healthy food ideas! 

8 Instagram inspirations for healthy food ideas

Instagram accounts to follow


This account provides amazing recipes under every photo that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian friendly. This takes away the guess work of what is exactly in the photo, and allows you to pick and choose which foods you want to make.


    Kezia and Jared are a dedicated husband and wife who photograph their mouth-watering eats.  They really personalize their photos and you start to grow an attachment not only to their delicious meals, but what is happening in their lives in terms of family, food, and events.

They emphasize whole and real foods that nourish you.


This account is essential for the gluten-free, plant based eater. The photos not only are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but offer great healthy recipes for you to try.


            Milking Almonds shows that plant-based and vegan CAN be yummy and easy. This account also shows a whole line of sweet shakes without all of the unhealthy clutter, so you can feel good about your “not so guilty pleasure.”


As you can probably guess, this account emphasizes organic eating. Natasha Kadimi, who overcame an eating disorder, decided to create a portfolio of her healthy food journey that stresses the importance of a healthy mind too.


            Ella Woodward is pure genius when it comes to instagramming her healthy food adventures. After being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, she decided to not let it halt her life and started to chronicle her delicious food creations that are gluten, dairy, and sugar-free.


            Run by an Australian couple, this Instagram features delicious vegan recipes that debunk the myth of vegan food being too complicated to make or not very yummy. Check it out!

Not all vegan food has to be complicated.


            Tiffany provides so many healthy options that don’t even look like they should be healthy. For example, one of her posts featured a delectable paleo donut that looks far too scrumptious to be that good for you.

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