10 Tips for Smarter Snacking On-The-Go

10 Tips for Smarter Snacking On-The-Go

Be a mindful snacker. We eat way more when we aren’t paying attention to what we’re snacking on.. If you’re eating in the car or watching TV, you aren’t likely thinking much about what or how much you’ve eaten. Being a mindful snacker means stopping to enjoy your snack for a minute or two, focusing and even chewing for a bit longer than usual. Chewing more will keep you satisfied.

Chewing more will keep you satisfied.

  1. Mix it up with frozen fruit. Frozen grapes and bananas have been on the rise as a snack that doesn’t seem so dull. Frozen banana when mashed can even substitute as a yogurt/ice cream if you mix in some of your favorite toppings.
  2. Prepare for every craving. When we’re busy, we tend to go for whatever’s close or convenient. Often times, that means the drive-thru or an unhealthy, more indulgent type of snack. Being on the go doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your health. Stay healthy with a little prep ahead of time. The night before or plan some quick fixes first thing in the morning.
  3. Don’t make it emotional. Try not to snack when you’re upset, frustrated, or sad. Too often, we can let our emotions get the best of us and it leads us to overindulge and make poor choices when it comes to dieting.

When we’re busy, we tend to go for whatever’s close or convenient.
Being on the go doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your health.

  1. Dried fruits and veggies. One of the easiest and healthiest snacks for the busy and in particular, those who travel a lot–are dried or dehydrated fruits and veggies. Snack like a hiker even if you are on the road, catching a plane rather than climbing up the side of a mountain.
  1. Check your labels. When you haven’t prepared ahead of time, sometimes there’s just no other option than to grab something quick. Many of us think or go straight to some type of bar. But be careful, some of these can be a lot unhealthier than they look. Check your labels and specifically, make sure that sugar isn’t one of the first ingredients.
  2. Don’t be a grazer. There’s a difference between snacking and grazing. Grazing is replacing all of your meals with smaller snacks. It might seem like a good idea at first but it’s easier to lose track of what and how much you’ve eaten if you’ve grazed all day long. Try to incorporate some solid, nutrient rich meals in your day.
  3. Get creative. Snacks don’t have to be boring. Cutting up fruit rather than eating it whole might feel more like a treat so take note of the little things that might just step up your snack game. Layer some veggies and hummus in a mason jar. Your snack will be both delicious and pretty.
  4. Energy bites are the new overnight oats. Don’t ask us. We got it from Pinterest. Running out of ideas? Stay up on new recipes and trends and tweak them to your own tastes. Energy bites are healthy, no-cook options featuring whole oats, almond or peanut butter, honey, and some of our personal favorites, cacaochia seeds and flaxseeds.
  5. Think in themes. If you hate eating the same things every day. We hear you. Try mixing it up each day of the week with a theme. At VIVOTRIBE, we’re all about the global experience so try Mediterranean Mondays with some olives, tomatoes, hummus, and some grapes. Go for some Latin influence on Wednesdays featuring beans, avocado, and corn, and then maybe French on Thursdays with a little charcuterie. Bon appetit!