Beans are naturally rich in healthy macro and micro-nutrients like protein, iron, and antioxidants

They are also chock-full of fiber, which helps you feel satisfied and ready for your next adventure!

Every packet of BeanVIVO comes pre-seasoned with high quality ingredients so they are ready to enjoy within 60 seconds.
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Choosing plant-based, organic foods can be inconvenient, bland, and expensive. 

That's why we created ready-in-60-second meal and snack options that are perfect for those with active lifestyles and a love for flavorful, healthy food!

BeanVIVO pouches do not require refrigeration and come pre-seasoned, all while remaining 100% vegan and gluten free.

Did we mention they are actually affordable?

You can try all 6 of our mouthwatering flavors today for 50% off, and if you love them, you can keep the deals coming by subscribing to recurring shipments for 15% off!
*offer valid for first time customers only
Our network of BeanVIVO farmers help make our beans some of the highest quality products available today.

On every BeanVIVO pouch, you'll find a QR code that will share exactly where those beans came from.

Check it out!
*offer valid for first time customers only