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Why Whole Ingredients Matter
When we talk about whole foods–we hope that it is not confused with the high-end grocery store famous for its asparagus water, but rather whole ingredients that have not been processed or have been through very little processing.
How Amaranth and Other Ingredients Influence Latin Culture
Prior to Spanish colonization, this region was inhabited mainly by Aztecs and Mayans. Our favorite superfoods changed these civilizations in a really important way. It meant that eating more corn, beans, and amaranth made the Aztecs less of a hunting and gathering tribe and more like an agricultural society that we know today.
Why We Should All Be Eating Like Aztecs
These whole ingredients not only supported a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet but became a central part of their culture and traditions. Food was central to many ceremonies and offerings. There is evidence that suggests the Aztecs often held large feasts and banquets to honor guests and share stories of battle.
The Future of Amaranth – Uses, Cooking, and Sustainability
Amaranth ingredient is the rising star in superfood. The superstar. The A-list celebrity of ingredients. At VIVOTRIBE, it’s a central ingredient to many of the recipes we are developing.  We know that amaranth has a ton of great nutrients and a unique history. But it also has a ton of potential to make the world a better place.
15 Reasons Amaranth is a Superfood
Superfood? It goes without saying that we’re pretty obsessed with amaranth. Aside from its rich history and ancient origins, it’s a magical ingredient that is healthier than you can probably imagine.
Where in the World Does Amaranth Come From?
Now have a seat, it’s time for a quick history lesson. When we say amaranth is ancient, we really mean it. The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas who first cultivated it as a food source go back more than 4,000 years. This was a time even before the South American countries
The Ancient Superfood You’ve Never Heard Of
Amaranth. It’s a tiny, ancient seed that grows on pretty reddish pink plants. It was harvested thousands of years ago by tribes like the Incas, who called it “kiwicha”–which is just super fun to say. Even back then it was known to Incas and Aztecs as a superfood and was a prime staple in their diet.
SoCal Local Favorite Farmer’s Market Finds
If you’ve spent much time in Southern California, then you already know that Farmer’s Markets are kind of a big deal. Here is in San Diego we can find farmer’s Markets in a different neighborhood every single day of the week.
Hello – We Are a New Tribe
That’s where #VivoTribe comes in. We gather great information in one spot and send our newsletter directly to your inbox making it easier for you, our #tribe, to find and share what works for your unique lifestyle. We are all just trying to thrive in today’s hectic world, our tribe wants to make that a little more fun.
Super Bloom in SoCal: Exploring Nature’s Bounty of Beauty
As if they weren’t beautiful enough, our picturesque coastal and desert landscapes have transformed into colorful sceneries resembling paintings in a rare phenomenon dubbed the ‘super bloom’.  Even the sides of the highways and formerly desolate, dusty ground spaces have been overgrown by a gorgeous spectrum of flowering plants.
ECOachella: Sustainable Steps at SoCal’s Favorite Festival

Coachella is about great music, yes, but they are also a progressive leader in sustainability practices.

Every Day is Earth Day: Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact
We all live very busy lives and planting trees or installing solar panels can seem very invasive, time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, there are so many little things we can work on, that in the end will have a huge benefit for not only ourselves but also the planet.
Looking for Great Adventures? Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Double-handing a 50-foot, wooden sailboat overnight from San Pedro to San Diego (without auto-pilot) would not be the easiest thing I would do all week, but it would be the most fun.

Nature Unplugged: A Challenge Worth Conquering
Next time you go outdoors if only for a brief afternoon or a weeklong vacation, leave your technology behind. Fully immerse yourself in your outdoor experience and see how much more valuable it becomes to you as opposed to the value derived from looking at photos.
Postively Avoiding Perfection
VivoTribe is about living your life to its fullest potential, listening to your body and meeting all of its physical and mental needs. We don’t care about weight, we care about how good we feel. We don’t care about perfection, we care about our own personal best.
Can You Increase Productivity with a Twenty Minute Challenge?
Twenty Minutes before my self-imposed deadline, I sat down and began completing a creative brief and blog outline. Releasing some of the pressure helped the creativity flow and the ideas came to me easily. I still had 5 minutes left when I realized that the bulk of the work was complete, albeit handwritten in my notepad. I would still have to make time to edit and publish the post later – but that will be after I enjoyed some time with my tribe.