The Best Yoga Spots in San Diego

The Best Yoga Spots in San Diego

San Diego is the land of beautiful weather, beaches and great scenery. With stunning yoga spots in San Diego, it is very easy to connect with Mother Nature while having a meaningful practice. Providing stress relief and ease some tension in our fast-paced lifestyles.


We are ready to roll out our yoga mat and connect with beautiful surroundings. We have gathered a list with the best yoga spots in San Diego.

La Jolla Cove

Sunny days are common in San Diego, allowing us to practice all sorts of activities outside. La Jolla Cove is great during the early morning or late afternoon. We recommend you to choose an area that is as flat as possible, otherwise you might face some difficulties achieving positions.

Paddle Board Yoga

If you can stand up on the floor, you can do yoga on the water. Get your feet wet on a sunny day at one of the top yoga spots in San Diego: SUP yoga!  Remember, you have to be grounded during your practice, be present and concentrated in your breathing while admiring California’s beautiful waters.

Mission Hills Park

One of yoga’s beauties is it can be done anywhere, and to practice in a park enhances your time in an entirely different way: it increases relaxation and encourages to focus. When people spend time surrounded by beautiful trees and nature, feelings of vigor and vitality are increased. As we become more fluent in processing a sensory experience, it changes into an incredible experience that concentrates on the present.


The number of things you can do downtown are tremendous, from going to a regular gym to visiting some of the top yoga spots in San Diego. The options listed below promise to help you find your perfect class, so let’s begin!


This studio is very close to Golden Hill on the 25th. The studio is clean with a discreet vibe and a great and welcoming scent. The studio offers several classes on very convenient times that work your physically and spiritually self.

In addition, the staff here centers on helping the students to improve their practice while sharing a positive energy.

The Little Yoga Studio

If you are looking for a challenging yoga class that can be done in a fun, supportive and pretty environment, this is a great studio for you. Because of the size of the studio, the instructors can have a more one-on-one relationship with the students.

Also, the place has an amazing big Buddha that harmonizes the entire studio.

Yoga One

Located on the 7th avenue, between B&C Streets, this studio is great for those people who are looking to become Yoga teachers, as they offer a world-famous, amazing Teacher Training Courses.

One characteristic of this studio is that they have students from different parts of the world. Its founders have been participants of different yogi movements, such as the app iYoga Premium.

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