Postively Avoiding Perfection

Postively Avoiding Perfection

Every day…

I see titles such as “How to Lose 5 Inches in 2 Weeks” in nearly every pane of every page of the web. These messages and filtered imagery infiltrate and erode the sense of wellbeing in readers – preaching about an unattainable, perfect lifestyle with messages infused with negativity and fear that you are somehow not what you are supposed to be. Fortunately, I have recently discovered a more positive circle of friends and influencers.

At VivoTribe, we stand for promoting a whole, natural, postive, and REAL lifestyle.

We’ve created a positive, encouraging, and most of all forgiving forum of resources for living exactly the way you want to. We call it The Collective – it’s where we share our stories of successes, failures, and what we have learned along the way.  Our Tribe strives to represent our real and raw selves, our great experiences, fun adventures, and what we’ve learned from our not-so-great choices. We are passionate about creating a community where we can each thrive in our own way – embracing wellness without sacrificing the things that we love.

VivoTribe is about living your life to its fullest potential, listening to your body and meeting all of its physical and mental needs. We don’t care about weight, we care about how good we feel. We don’t care about perfection, we care about our own personal best.

We believe in treating your body with the respect that it deserves – making healthy choices most of the time. So, you can also feel good about meeting up for Taco Tuesday and indulging in tacos y cervezas.  Go for it – we support you!