Best Places in Town to Get Great Organic Food

Best Places in Town to Get Great Organic Food

Nowadays, it is not easy to afford healthy, organic food. Every time that you try to eat better, your wallet is the one who suffers the consequences. Studies have shown that, on average, organic food costs about 47% more than conventional versions of the same products. However, there are some organic products, which are worth buying when you are looking to consume a better quality version.

That been said, for those smart shoppers that are willing to make careful choices about where to shop and what to buy, this post will take you through great places without making a great whole in your wallet, are you ready?

Firstly, you have to prioritize your shopping list. You can get by buying mostly conventional foods and save your organic purchases for those special products you care about the most. Which foods you choose to buy organic depends on which type of client you are: animal welfare enthusiasts, eco-friendly customers, discount chasers, etc.

When it comes to saving some cash on organic food, the place where you shop is the most important variable. Stores that specialize in these type of products, usually offer better deals than normal supermarkets.

According to some surveys, there are four stores that are America’s favorite: Trader Joe’s, Costco, Wegmans and Sprouts Farmers Markets. However, only some of the products they offer are 100% organic, so you must check the packages to make sure you are getting what you want.

However, the best option for getting great and healthy foods is to skip the intermediary and buy directly from the farmer who grow it. Depending of the production around your area, the savings can be significant. Some of the best options for these places are:

Monthly subscription services

Moreover, online stores can offer great deals on organic goods. Some companies have a special membership where they send organic products every month to your door. They will surprise you with different goods every single time.

Pick you own organic food

A great option for those who are looking for the freshest products out there, this option gives you the possibility of picking your own fruit, vegetables or flowers for a fixed price per pound. It tends to be cheaper than getting them in your favorite organic shop.

Community-Supported Agriculture

These places work differently; instead of shopping for a certain amount of fruit and vegetables, you pay a fixed price for a part of a farmer’s crop. This way you can choose the particular products you want. Before getting this, you should check and research the type of products you should expect each season to make sure you can use them all or split them with your family and friends.

Local Farmers’ Market

The products one can find in these places are fresher than the ones in the supermarket, and much cheaper. You only have to find out which day(s) of the week they set up the market, and enjoy all the goodies that you may find.

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Source: Kiplinger