Amazing Healthy Eating Tips for Your Kids

Amazing Healthy Eating Tips for Your Kids

Your kids nutrition is always a challenge with all the junk food available everywhere. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to add some healthy foods to their diet. Let them get all the nutrients necessary for their growth.

For growing children, the food they eat can affect their mood and energy levels directly. The sooner they learn how to incorporate healthy food, the better for their eating habits. To eat well is to incorporate as much vegetables and whole foods into their routines as possible. What a great way to start your kids nutrition than through healthy snacking.

Healthy snacking relies on planning and shopping; whatever you have in your kitchen, your kids will end up eating. Some planning before going grocery shopping will help you reduce the number of things you might not want your kids to snack on.

It sounds easy, but today’s parents are usually super busy that it is hard for them to re-evaluate the little actions they can do to affect their children’s lives positively. Here, we have four advices that will make it easier for a healthy kids nutrition.

Start easy with fresh fruit

Some parents are concerned about the high sugar and fructose levels in fruits, but when compared with some granola and chocolate bars out there, they are by far a superior snack. Plus, they are high on fiber, nutrients, minerals and water.

Do not get caught up only with bananas, oranges and apples. There are great and tasty options for your children, from mango and pineapple to berries and grapefruit- they can all be prepared for your children’s school lunches.

Add whole foods into their diet

Whole foods are unprocessed foods that are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, giving you a sense of filling for a longer time and releasing enough energy for daily activities. Fruits and vegetables are part of this group but also, beans, lentils, brown rice, quinoa and couscous.

These are the foods with which the humans have evolved. They are also, low in fat and in calories.

Bake at home

They are many alternative baking recipes that do not involved white flour and tons of sugar, but, instead, they considered wholegrain options, and honey or other liquids like sweeteners.

Besides, your children will never figure out you are adding fruits and vegetables into their favorite desserts; banana breads, zucchini and carrot muffins are some of the kids’ favorites. Plus, if they are involved in the baking process, they are more likely to eat these home-baked desserts.

Water as the drink of choice

Make water the drink of choice for your kids nutrition and keep juices or other type of drinks as sporadic treats. Although, natural juices concentrate a high value of nutrients, growing bodies should always go for water first when thirsty, and not for sugar-sweetened drinks.

It doesn’t take monumental efforts for a healthy kids nutrition, just small steps that at the end, will become habit for them!

Source: Nestle