6 Best Snacks for a San Diego Hike

6 Best Snacks for a San Diego Hike

San Diego Hike. For a Saturday morning hike, it’s easy to remember the proper hiking boots and your hat, but what you shouldn’t forget is the proper fuel to get you through the trek. We’ve done the research for some of the best snacks to pack for a hike so you don’t have to.

Besides, who isn’t thinking about food and the next time they’re going to eat (because we are always hungry). So, once you’ve stopped at the most picturesque spot on your hike and your energy is winding down, here’s what you should whip out of your handy dandy backpack.

6 Best Snacks for a San Diego Hike

  1. For the baker

If you love to bake, check out some “power cookie” recipes on Pinterest, which are typically loaded with protein and fiber to keep you going on your hike. You can add chia seeds or hemp seeds to your typical oatmeal cookie recipe as well. Don’t like to bake? There are several no bake protein recipes out there that will give you the same nutrition.

  1. For the sweet tooth

Sometimes (or always) you’re just craving something sweet, and we’ve got the fix. For the perfect mix of sweet and salty, try Nutella and pretzels. Besides, packing a chocolate bar will ensure a melty mess!

  1. For the classic snacker

Peanut butter and a banana. Classic! A simple go-to. You can get even switch it up with some almond butter! It is a great source of protein to keep you alert and strong.

  1. For the on-the-go snacker

A lot of times, trail mix has things we don’t even like, so why not make your own. Buy all your favorite ingredients and assemble ahead of time for a simple and quick snack that will fulfill your cravings.

  1. For the fruit lover

Feel free to cut up all of your favorite fruits and put them in a baggie or to-go container. Adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or cayenne can spice it up (literally).

  1. For the granola lover

Similar to making your own trail mix, there are so many granola recipes out there to discover. Granola is a great way to add all of your favorite grains, and you will have some left over for future use! YUM! 

Oh, and obviously don’t forget to bring lots of water to stay hydrated. Happy hiking (and snacking)!