5 Healthy San Diego Restaurants

5 Healthy San Diego Restaurants

Did you load up this Thanksgiving with mounds of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie? We totally support you “treatin yoself”, but completely understand that you may want some recovery food. If you are from the beautiful San Diego, there are numerous restaurants you can check out that offer clean and yummy meals to help you with that turkey and gravy detox!



Here are five places you should definitely check out (and won’t break the bank).

  1. Café Gratitude

Located in the heart of Little Italy, Café Gratitude is a plant based restaurant focused on preparing their food with love. They offer 100% vegan dishes that are both delicious and innovative. Something unique about their menu is the names of the dishes. “Liberated” will get you a raw pad thai kelp noodles while “Thriving” will give you the chef’s seasonal soup.

  1. True Food Kitchen

This seasonal restaurant focuses on creating delicious dishes made from ingredients in their peak season, allowing for the richest and freshest taste. They offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. There is one located in Fashion Valley and well as one that just opened up in Westfield UTC. Come try their flavorful pressed juices in their lovely atmosphere.

  1. Tender Greens

This fan-favorite spot is an affordable option to get fresh soups, salads, and delicious sides. Tender Greens specializes in fresh seasonal veggies which are usually roasted to perfection. Their mission is to cook the best food possible with sustainability as its main focus.

  1. Plant Power Fast Food

Hey mom can we get fast food tonight? Actually, yes! Plant Power focuses on creating tasty treats free of animal products and GMOs. They have made it their mission to make delicious fast food without all of the guilt. They specialize in burgers, chicken sandwiches, and corn dogs- all without meat. Does this peak your interest?

  1. Native Foods Café

This vegan west coast chain features foods that are made fresh daily. The entire menu is 100% plant based and features dishes such as a carrot lox bagel, avocado crunch wrap, and even bbq chicken salad. They are also dedicated to sustainability, focusing on packaging that is recyclable and compostable. Even if you aren’t a vegan, this spot is amazingly delicious.


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